ORLY Color Pass Darlings of Defiance – Winter 2017

ORLY Color Pass is a subscription service from ORLY that gives you their¬†seasonal collection four times a year. I signed up in time to get my hands on the winter collection, and I wanted to show it off and let you know what I think of the colors. The polish is good and the same polish every time so unless there is a noticeable quality flaw I’m going to skip over reviewing the polish formula. You can sign up for Color Pass here and watch my YouTube unboxing here.

Penny Leather



Ignore my ugly nubs.


Alright, the website described this as red. No. It is not red. Look at the title you gave this. It is a red tone brown reminiscent of leather penny loafers. Despite my complaints about the description, it is a beautiful color. I only wish I had it for fall; I would have worn it a lot more then than I will in winter.

Once in a Blue Moon (Paired with Julep Missy)


Once in a Blue Moon might be my favorite polish in this whole collection. I absolutely adore this color. It’s a perfect shining icy blue for the winter months and went great with this icy inspired winter design I wanted to do on my nails.

Faux Pearl + Stilleto on the Run



I can paint false nails but apparently, everything goes to shit on my real nail.


A nude and a red. Not a lot more to say about it. That’s not to say they aren’t nice. Faux pearl has a totally awesome gold shimmer in it that I only wish showed up more on the nail, and Stilleto on the Run is really a beautiful deep red. They just aren’t particularly exciting to me.

Secondhand Jade + Champagne Slushie


Can I really say anything too nice about Secondhand Jade after whining about a basic red? Yes, I can because this is my blog and I’m in charge. I am so in love with this green. It is a perfect deep evergreen color and I adore it. Is it equally basic? Yes. Am I 5000% more into it? Also yes.

Champagne Slushie is a great shimmer/metallic in, you guessed it, champagne gold. It’s got the lightest pink but is mostly gold, and it’s really just a well-done shimmer polish. It looks beautiful, the glitter is properly finely milled to leave a beautiful sheen and sparkle, and it looks awesome paired with Secondhand Jade if I do say so myself.

The Verdict

Overall, I do love the colors, but I will say this: it seems like a very safe holiday time collection. You have a winter blue, you have a holiday red, green and gold, you have a neutral, and you have a brown that almost doesn’t work even if it’s a beautiful color.

So don’t get me wrong, I really love this collection. I loved every color, and they are awesome for winter, but I think that there is also an opportunity to be a little more creative with the next season.

Did you know? Two of these designs are available on Etsy at Brightline Nails.