PolishedThirteen False Nails Review

I have had a long nail journey. For years and years I had issues with my nails, bending, breaking, not growing long at all, peeling all the time, and just overall not working out. My index fingers used to grow in turning downward (trained out of them finally by months of acrylics). I couldn’t afford to maintain my acrylics and often ended up jamming them and breaking the nail underneath in awkward, painful places. Press-ons seemed like a great idea until they fell off within two days. I couldn’t do nail art of my own on my nails due to my shaky hands and the short length my nails would grow to.

And then, admittedly late in life, I discovered false nails, attached with nail glue rather than the crappy press-on stickers, and I become obsessed. I bought a ton of pairs all at once, I started painting the false nails I bought attempting DIY acrylics (much easier to paint with two hands and more length), and I went out and bought two special sets for the coming holidays from PolishedThirteen. Those are the sets I am reviewing today!

Fall Word Art Nails ($15)


I bought these nails for a couple of reasons. The first was that I wanted a full set; at this point, I wasn’t yet sure what my nail sizes were and was too lazy to figure it out.

(Lo, and behold! I had false nails of my own that I easily could have used to figure out my sizes. Whoops.)

The other was that I was simply struggling to find something for Thanksgiving. A lot of the fall nails were just fall colors, or they were leaves on a plain white background I didn’t love, or they were little turkey and pilgrim nails stickers I wasn’t about to try to stick to my tiny nails.


Then I found these, and I loved them at first sight. I was a tad worried about whether the word art would really show up on the nails, but the picture doesn’t do it justice; in person, the art was so much clearer on the beautiful nude used for these nails. Really these were just a unique item in the plethora of fall collections, and they fit perfectly with the simple, clearly fall-themed but not cliche aesthetic that I wanted.

Festive Nails ($23)


I will openly admit that one of the biggest influencing factors in me buying this set was the completely rhinestone covered nails. Because I’m extra like that. Let me say, they looked even more amazing in person, shining and sparkling. I barely got anything done with how much I stared at these.


One of my favorite things about this is they are all very different, but go together. I love sets where every nail looks unique but still makes sense with the others. It’s also Christmas-y without being straight up Santa and reindeer; even the tree one and the holiday lights are tasteful.


One of the biggest details that I appreciated was actually the plain colored nails. Some of the reds and greens were glossy with no glitter, and some had glitter, and I appreciated the choice and the ability for mixing and matching this gave, especially with something that it would have been easy to do just one way or the other.

The Verdict

These nails stuck as good as any other nail; sticking really depends on the nail glue. The colors were opaque, rhinestones stayed on, and the shape was even and well done. I got so many compliments, and I personally loved the nails even more when they got to me than I did from just the pictures. PolishedThirteen also responded quickly to timing concerns I had about the shipment, and shipped very quickly, with good packaging that protected the nails well. I would highly suggest ordering nails from them and I definitely will again.