Julep Maven Box Sign Up Bonus 12 Polishes

Note: Some of these photos may look edited (particularly the header photo) but they are only edited in an effort to make the photographs look as true to real life color as possible. The header photo is probably actually most representative of the genuine appearance of these polishes in the bottles.

When I signed up for Julep Maven box, 12 full-size nail polishes were available as a sign-up bonus. I think they run this deal fairly frequently just with different nail polishes, but I think the current deal is still these polishes so if you like the ones you see here you can sign up now to get a month or more of a good deal on nail polishes PLUS this bonus. These polishes retail for $14 each.

I have all of these false nails so I’m using them for swatches! let me know if you like this swatch style, as it’s a lot easier for me to get through a lot of polishes in a shorter period of time without putting my nails through it all.

Peyton (Wonder Maven)

Note: The label in the parenthesis of these titles is the collection to which these polishes belong.


This color is a beautiful bright purple with a shimmer that shines a deep purple-pink. Despite being these bright pinks and purples it’s deep and dark enough that it still looks mature. There is also an almost indiscernible gold shimmer that appears at certain angles. You can’t see it in this picture, but when natural light hits the very brightest curve point is almost gold.

Using falses let me hold these up to the light and see more patchiness than you would ever see on the natural nail. Against a backdrop, this looks totally even but does appear patchy against the light.

If you haven’t had fake nails before you might not know, but paint on fake nails when held to the light almost always look surprisingly streaky, so keep that in mind as I talk about it – streakiness in the light generally doesn’t really matter on natural nails.

Alexandria (Bombshell)


I did not know what to expect from this. First things first, this is so much brighter than it appears above. Look at the top image of all the polishes in this post for a better idea of how bright it is. It is definitely hot pink. Beyond that, it is labeled matte, but it is so shimmery and a shimmer-matte is not a formulation I am familiar with.

I think it’s interesting. I am still forming an opinion about it because the color is not something I’d reach for and the matte finish is interesting and different enough to sort of confuse me. There’s something about it that reminds me of plastic toys, and the matte finish I think actually makes it more toy-like.

Streaks don’t really appear against a backdrop unless you are actively looking for it but are fairly obvious against the light.

Florentina (Classic With a Twist)


I don’t love this nail polish but its mostly because it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. When I saw it I thought it would be an awesome metallic holiday red. However, it swatches a little darker and more orange-brown than that. It’s still a lovely color, however, the undertone just isn’t the bright true red I wanted it to be which is what it looks like, to me, in the tube.

Online this is labelled as a duochrome and I think it’s supposed to be duo-chrome with orange, which is probably why the tone is different than I want, however, I really don’t see the orange enough to call this a true duochrome and it has a brown darkness to it that isn’t suggested by the company photo or description in my opinion.

There is zero patchiness on a backdrop. The streakiness is little enough that one more coat (I did two) probably would fix it.

Pacita (Wonder Maven)

This is the only color other than Alexandria that has a differently labeled finish. This is sheer and to be honest, I’m disappointed because I love how it shows in the tube. However, I think especially over a black or a close-to-black purple or brown this would look really beautiful. The swatch looks muddy I think due to the color of the false nails (“natural”) and therefore it doesn’t look great, but I see potential for this purple-burgundy that has both violet and gold reflects.

Despite being sheer it’s actually fairly even and non-streaky when held to the light (for some reason it looks a lot more streaky in the picture than it does in reality). That said, it really does not look good on its own and needs to be layered over something.

Daylee (Bombshell)


This is the most gorgeous color that I want to start writing this in my the tone of my actual mental voice right now instead of remaining somewhat proper and professional like I try to just so you can see how much I love it; like, seriously this is so gorgeous I’m in love, the metallics are beautiful and awesome.

It’s a great true gold with a finish that reminds me of chrome powders. You can’t see but at the edges, as the light hits it differently, it becomes green and then blue at the very edgy. It is so interesting and gorgeous, and the color change makes it look even more like a true metal.

It has very little streakiness when held to the light, but looks less pigmented all over in the light (I think probably because most of the color seems to come from microglitter rather than general pigment).

Jonna (It Girl)


This is a great green edging on yellow-green and has the same chrome finish that the above nail polish has. This one shines a deep bright teal that the edges which doesn’t show in my pictures but looks beautiful in real life.

This has the same non-streaky but sheer in the light look that the above one does.

Eunice (Bombshell)


This is a beautiful metallic blue. It’s a true bright blue with a metallic finish that I think is a pretty unique color but still a good everyday color.

This one is one of the least patchy and most fully colored when held to the light.

Lolo (Bombshell)


I’m actually kind of sad about this. It’s this great almost black blue in the bottle, it’s one of the few that has zero glitter in it (though supposedly the website says it has shimmer), and unfortunately, it does not translate onto the nail. It’s the only one I don’t really suggest.

This is streaky against a background (and therefore, on the natural nail) just to the naked eye. Where it is fully pigmented it’s the same dark beautiful blue that is in the bottle, and perhaps another layer would bring it to the color I want, but every other one of these swatched fine on two layers and I find that going above that begins to exacerbate any problems with texture, splotchiness, and generally not-drying that can happen, so it underperforms compared to all the other polishes.

Hana (Boho Glam)


This is a smokey purple that I think leans a bit toward a dusty pink rather than a true purple. There is some larger multicolored glitter in it that shifts mostly between silver and green in my opinion. It definitely goes on with a lot of glitter.

This is another that goes on very evenly and shows up fully pigmented in the light.

Aimee (Boho Glam)


This is a very bright light purple with a lot of silver shimmer in it. There’s something very young about it to me like this is something middle school me would have loved. The website says this is a metallic finish but this does not finish like the other metallics – the glitter is simply too much for that.

I know that it looks very full on the nail, however, I actually misplaced my swatch as I write this so I can’t let you know how it is against the light.

Alaina (Classic With a Twist)


This color is so totally beautiful, I love it as a neutral nail and I am not someone who generally loves neutral nails so that’s a lot for me. It’s a really amazing color that is almost a purple-tinted gray.

This is a creme finish that goes on very smooth and full with just one coat and becomes even in the light on the second coat, so it’s really great.

Jenica (Bombshell)


The final nail polish! We end with a good one that I actually really like. It’s a glitter polish, and it definitely looks glitter. It’s hard for me to describe but it’s definitely not a metallic however the amount of and smaller size of the glitter makes it look closer to a metallic than a glitter polish.

This one looks totally fine on a background but does look pretty patchy in the light.

The Verdict

Overall, these nail polishes were a great value, and worth it even if I didn’t like the subscription. I did, in fact, like the subscription, so it was an awesome bonus on top of a great subscription that I really like. I find these nail polishes of a good quality and they’re all very unique.


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