One Week on Etsy Acne Treatment Routine – Pink Tub Boutique

Hello all! I’ve been using an acne treatment from Etsy and it’s been a week, so I wanted to let you know about it and check in with how we are doing. The treatment is from Pink Tub Boutique on Etsy. Their Facebook is here, their Instagram is here, and their Twitter is here. I made this purchase for review myself! Together this treatment was $38. You can watch me unbox this and check in on YouTube here.

Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal Soap ($8 Alone)


This soap has an interesting smell. The best way to describe it is it smells like soap and acne treatment, which is what it is. If you are looking for a good smelling face soap, it’s not this, but it certainly doesn’t smell bad and if it works, I don’t really care how my facial soap smells. It does not lather, which weirded me out at first, however soap doesn’t actually need to lather to work so again, that doesn’t matter a lot.

Dead Sea Charcoal Face Mask (Not Available Independently)


This is a powder that you mix with a small amount of tea tree oil (which the package comes with) and water to create a mud-like consistency. Rubbing this on the face, it’s a little abrasive and scratchy, so be careful if you are sensitive. It stung just a bit, but my face tends to sting from a lot of face masks, and this one was not nearly as bad as others; it was barely noticeable. My face felt very fresh after washing this off and it comes off pretty easy for a mud mask.

Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Toner ($13 Alone)


I honestly love this. I love the fresh, clean feeling that toner gives after you wash your face, and this does that with none of the sting of more common chemical toners. I see it pulling out dirt and oil on the cotton pad I use, so it is definitely working.

Grapeseed Facial Serum ($13 Alone for One)


I was absolutely terrified of this to be honest because facial oils scare me. I’ve never used them, and I was afraid it would totally break me out. Spoiler for the verdict section: it didn’t. Grapeseed oil is actually supposed to specifically be really good for the face, and this is something I was able to put on throughout the day when I felt dry patches without leaving me feeling greasy.

The Verdict


I don’t have a before picture, sadly, but I can tell you what this did. The picture of my face doesn’t look great but if you notice, everything is flat; there are no active breakouts. All the redness is residual from breakouts I had before using this product.

It hasn’t been long enough for me to know if this is working, but I’ve had no reaction to this or breakouts from the week of using this, and no new breakouts while using it, so it’s promising. The other huge, huge thing for me is that most acne treatments take me from a normal to oily face to a totally dry face and it’s winter. This has actually left me feeling soft and hydrated with no flaking whatsoever which is totally unheard of for me personally.

I will be checking in on Instagram every week to see how this progresses, but so far it seems promising. I’ll be back on the blog in a month with a new post about how everything is going!


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