Black Moon Cosmetics Autumn Lip Trio Review


Note: My photos may appear edited because they are, however, all editing was done in an effort to make the lipstick looks as true to life in the photo as possible.

Black Moon Cosmetics is an independent makeup brand that released a beautiful liquid lip trio for autumn that is limited edition. We’re going to review the colors and performance here, but if you are interested in seeing the packaging, you can see it in my video for the product.


Top to bottom: Harvest, Hazel, Cider




This color is a great muted orange-red that looks good with the warm tones that are really popular right now and matches most fall looks. That said, it’s definitely the safest of the colors in here. I think it’s nice that the trio included a more wearable color like this.



Hazel is an olive green that turns out to be surprisingly wearable if you are willing to give it a chance. While a strange color for the lips, this is a neutral in clothing, and therefore will match many outfits and eye looks if you go for something simple. It’s a unique color that is surprisingly easy to match, so if you are looking for something different but workable, I would really suggest it.



This is my favorite, and probably the hardest to pair. It is a beautiful mustard yellow that will look surprisingly good if you have pale neutral to cool skin tones. It might take some effort to match but it really is such a gorgeous color I find it worth the effort.

The Verdict

Overall, these are good quality lipsticks. I wore Hazel all day and it lasted through some eating, but didn’t make it through more greasy food. However, despite not standing up to food it didn’t transfer onto cups or straws when I drank. My lips wanted to be moisturized after a while of wear, but they didn’t feel very damaged or suffering from the wear. In terms of application, one dip into the tube was enough color, however, it did take two coats to overcome some streaking. The second coat goes on just as easily as the first coat, so I don’t view this as much of a problem.

I would say, if you are interested in the more different colors I would go get this now before it’s gone. However, even if you miss out on this, the quality of Black Moon Cosmetics lipsticks is good and you should certainly check out what else they have.



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