PolishedThirteen False Nails Review

I have had a long nail journey. For years and years I had issues with my nails, bending, breaking, not growing long at all, peeling all the time, and just overall not working out. My index fingers used to grow in turning downward (trained out of them finally by months of acrylics). I couldn’t afford to maintain my acrylics and often ended up jamming them and breaking the nail underneath in awkward, painful places. Press-ons seemed like a great idea until they fell off within two days. I couldn’t do nail art of my own on my nails due to my shaky hands and the short length my nails would grow to.

And then, admittedly late in life, I discovered false nails, attached with nail glue rather than the crappy press-on stickers, and I become obsessed. I bought a ton of pairs all at once, I started painting the false nails I bought attempting DIY acrylics (much easier to paint with two hands and more length), and I went out and bought two special sets for the coming holidays from PolishedThirteen. Those are the sets I am reviewing today!

Fall Word Art Nails ($15)


I bought these nails for a couple of reasons. The first was that I wanted a full set; at this point, I wasn’t yet sure what my nail sizes were and was too lazy to figure it out.

(Lo, and behold! I had false nails of my own that I easily could have used to figure out my sizes. Whoops.)

The other was that I was simply struggling to find something for Thanksgiving. A lot of the fall nails were just fall colors, or they were leaves on a plain white background I didn’t love, or they were little turkey and pilgrim nails stickers I wasn’t about to try to stick to my tiny nails.


Then I found these, and I loved them at first sight. I was a tad worried about whether the word art would really show up on the nails, but the picture doesn’t do it justice; in person, the art was so much clearer on the beautiful nude used for these nails. Really these were just a unique item in the plethora of fall collections, and they fit perfectly with the simple, clearly fall-themed but not cliche aesthetic that I wanted.

Festive Nails ($23)


I will openly admit that one of the biggest influencing factors in me buying this set was the completely rhinestone covered nails. Because I’m extra like that. Let me say, they looked even more amazing in person, shining and sparkling. I barely got anything done with how much I stared at these.


One of my favorite things about this is they are all very different, but go together. I love sets where every nail looks unique but still makes sense with the others. It’s also Christmas-y without being straight up Santa and reindeer; even the tree one and the holiday lights are tasteful.


One of the biggest details that I appreciated was actually the plain colored nails. Some of the reds and greens were glossy with no glitter, and some had glitter, and I appreciated the choice and the ability for mixing and matching this gave, especially with something that it would have been easy to do just one way or the other.

The Verdict

These nails stuck as good as any other nail; sticking really depends on the nail glue. The colors were opaque, rhinestones stayed on, and the shape was even and well done. I got so many compliments, and I personally loved the nails even more when they got to me than I did from just the pictures. PolishedThirteen also responded quickly to timing concerns I had about the shipment, and shipped very quickly, with good packaging that protected the nails well. I would highly suggest ordering nails from them and I definitely will again.


ORLY Color Pass Darlings of Defiance – Winter 2017

ORLY Color Pass is a subscription service from ORLY that gives you their seasonal collection four times a year. I signed up in time to get my hands on the winter collection, and I wanted to show it off and let you know what I think of the colors. The polish is good and the same polish every time so unless there is a noticeable quality flaw I’m going to skip over reviewing the polish formula. You can sign up for Color Pass here and watch my YouTube unboxing here.

Penny Leather



Ignore my ugly nubs.


Alright, the website described this as red. No. It is not red. Look at the title you gave this. It is a red tone brown reminiscent of leather penny loafers. Despite my complaints about the description, it is a beautiful color. I only wish I had it for fall; I would have worn it a lot more then than I will in winter.

Once in a Blue Moon (Paired with Julep Missy)


Once in a Blue Moon might be my favorite polish in this whole collection. I absolutely adore this color. It’s a perfect shining icy blue for the winter months and went great with this icy inspired winter design I wanted to do on my nails.

Faux Pearl + Stilleto on the Run



I can paint false nails but apparently, everything goes to shit on my real nail.


A nude and a red. Not a lot more to say about it. That’s not to say they aren’t nice. Faux pearl has a totally awesome gold shimmer in it that I only wish showed up more on the nail, and Stilleto on the Run is really a beautiful deep red. They just aren’t particularly exciting to me.

Secondhand Jade + Champagne Slushie


Can I really say anything too nice about Secondhand Jade after whining about a basic red? Yes, I can because this is my blog and I’m in charge. I am so in love with this green. It is a perfect deep evergreen color and I adore it. Is it equally basic? Yes. Am I 5000% more into it? Also yes.

Champagne Slushie is a great shimmer/metallic in, you guessed it, champagne gold. It’s got the lightest pink but is mostly gold, and it’s really just a well-done shimmer polish. It looks beautiful, the glitter is properly finely milled to leave a beautiful sheen and sparkle, and it looks awesome paired with Secondhand Jade if I do say so myself.

The Verdict

Overall, I do love the colors, but I will say this: it seems like a very safe holiday time collection. You have a winter blue, you have a holiday red, green and gold, you have a neutral, and you have a brown that almost doesn’t work even if it’s a beautiful color.

So don’t get me wrong, I really love this collection. I loved every color, and they are awesome for winter, but I think that there is also an opportunity to be a little more creative with the next season.

Did you know? Two of these designs are available on Etsy at Brightline Nails

Ipsy Glam Bag One Month Re-Review – November 2017

It’s been about a month since I got my November ipsy glam bag, so I thought I would return to the products and see how I feel about them now that I have had the opportunity to use them for longer. You can read my original first impressions post here.

Oribe Hair Care Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($22)


Unfortunately, this continues to be useless to me. I have sprayed it once and not touched it since then. This one is my fault for not changing my beauty preferences – I know nothing about the product quality but it’s not like ipsy knew I shaved my head.

Colourpop Cosmetics Pressed Powder Shadow in Paper Tiger ($4)


I just…haven’t touched this. It’s not a bad product; it’s just as good as the other Colourpop pressed shadows from what I can see in the swatch, but the color …I blame this one on ipsy and not on the product.


‘Tini Beauty Barfly Highlighter in Candlelit ($12)


In terms of my bag, this was super exciting, because I love highlighters. In terms of product, well, it’s a highlighter. It stays on well and blends out beautifully into a light highlight. However, if you want a strong highlight you have to put on a lot of product and as a cream, it starts to feel greasy. If you are okay with the light highlight, this is a good product that remains on and does not feel greasy or heavy with the first application.


 Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Lit (Full-Size $18)


This lip looks so amazingly beautiful on. It has a beautiful bright truly gold metallic shimmer. It dries down so it doesn’t transfer, but it doesn’t feel dry at all. I wore it without anything under it, but I would suggest a neutral pink on your lips under this to help it pop more.



Tarte Amazonian Clas 12 Hour Blush in Feisty (Full-Size $29)

Note: I can’t find this color online right now.

I reach for this all the time now that I have it. The color is good for my complexion and works well with a lot of looks because of how neutral it is. It stays on all day without rubbing off at all and it goes on light but buildable in a way that gives a lot of control.


Bonus: Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara (Full-Size $27.50)


To be honest, I have been reaching for my newly purchased drugstore mascara more than this for one simple reason; this stuff deposits so much product. I can feel wetness on my eyelashes when I put it on and I really just don’t like that sensation. It is a good mascara, but at a high price like that smaller issues become more serious problems. If the sensation bothers me that much, it’s not really worth it. That said, that is a personal problem and the quality of the product is good. It stays on all day and makes your lashes thick and very black.

The Verdict

This bag turned out not to be a huge hit for me. Everything was good enough. The blush was great, I love getting highlighters no matter what, and the Lime Crime lip is so unique and cool. All the products that I could use (aka everything but the dry shampoo) were good quality, but some of them I just don’t reach for.

I hope that this was helpful to you. If you would like me to continue to revisit my bags and give a full review of the products after about a month of use, be sure to let me know down in the comments!


Ipsy December 2017

This month’s ipsy theme was Snowglobe, which came in a beautiful silver and mint bag that I adored. Following are my first impression reviews of the items that I got. Coming on Friday will be my one-month re-review of my November bag, and one month from now you can see how I feel about all these products after trying them out for a while. If you prefer, you can watch my unbagging for December 2017 on YouTube.

pixi by petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Orchid Ornament (I could not find this item, but the Mineral Palettes are $12)


This looks like a very pretty light pink-gold and brown-purple duo, but it swatches out much closer to just gold and brown with some pink-purple undertones. Despite being more neutral than they looked in the palette, they do swatch nicely and the colors are still pretty. There is something of a powdery sensation when you touch the shadow but it isn’t too bad.


Ignore the black, I was swatching something else earlier.

Nyx Slide on Pencil in Black Sparkle ($8)


This was a little bit of a disappointment just because there were four different shades available and even though I list in my beauty profile that I prefer adventurous colors, I got the black. However, when I thought more about it, it’s looking like I’m going to get some use out of this soon (New Year’s parties, anyone?) so I’m trying not to be unreasonable.

The swatch doesn’t look great but my eyelids don’t exactly have the lines my hand does for the liner to settle in, so I’m not really worried. The sparkle shows up really nice and shiny, and the pencil is smooth. It seems like it might be so creamy it disappears, but I’m going to try to use a lighter hand and not go too hard on the product in hopes that I can prevent it from just crumbling away.


Rodial Glamolash XXL in Black ($28 for Full-Size)


Mascara! Not something that really excites me much, but I actually just changed my beauty profile to include mascara as an item I want because I’m really trying to find my go-to holy grail product; I want to love something! This mascara is promising to me. It looks very true black, and it has the type of very full-bristle wand that I tend to prefer.


Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary (Full-Size $21)


Not important but, I love tiny sample size lipsticks. I don’t know why. The mini bullet is just so hilarious and adorable to me. I’m a weirdo, I know. This lipstick looks like it’s going to be a true red, but it’s a little more blue-toned in my opinion. It took three swipes to get the full swatch I have below, which isn’t promising but also isn’t a huge deal. The sensation of the lipstick is a little tacky and I’m not sure how it’s going to feel on my lips. I have mixed feelings on first impression and I’ll really have to use it to know how I feel.


Seraphine Botanicals Lip Polish in Orange + Cream ($18)


Okay, looking this up I truly did not believe it would be over, like $10. Or maybe $15. This is because I am cheap and don’t buy nice things. So it’s kind of actually cool to get a weirdly expensive lip scrub. And my lips are a disaster because of winter and my inability to remember to put on lip balm. I am liking the smell of this and it feels like it’s going to be a good balance of abrasive and moisturizing.


The Verdict

I don’t know guys. There’s really nothing wrong with this bag. But also, I’m not feeling really excited about it. Mostly, I think it’s just my mood and not ipsy’s fault. This was generally a good match for me as a bag, and I’m going to get good use from these products. The value of the bag is decent, as always. Remember to check in in a month to see what I think after usig these products.

December Julep Maven Box

I signed up for the Julep Maven Box. If you don’t know, its a beauty box run by the cosmetic company Julep. It includes cosmetics and nail polishes, and you can personalize it every month; I chose to only receive nail polishes and will likely continue to use this as a nail polish subscription.

Mira (Bombshell)


This is such an interesting nail polish because I wasn’t sure how a matte was going to transfer with all this glitter, but it actually looks so super awesome. It’s a great black matte color. It’s a true black and it looks badass, and the glitter that is in it is itself dark so it gives an interesting shine and sparkle without lightening up the black at all.

Lonelle (Boho Glam)


Okay, I didn’t notice until I just now went to the website to grab the title link, and apparently, this is holographic. Looking more closely at it, it’s not a lie! It has shimmer that reflects the entire spectrum of the rainbow so it is in fact holographic. This is a pretty cool toned back holographic because the rest of the shimmer is a very true yellow gold that looks pretty awesome. This is a glitter nail polish and goes on like one, however, unlike most glitters that I would personally say need to be put on with a sponge, swiping three coats on will actually give you fairly full coverage. It also works as a glitter top coat on another nail polish if you only put a layer or two down.

Emmaline (Classic with a Twist)


This is a great deep, deep burgundy that leans toward dark purple but with a definite red note. The shimmer basically matches the color of the polish. It goes on with minimal streakiness that disappears on the second coat. It’s a really good fall color, in my opinion, and I wish I got it earlier, because I’m leaning toward bolder dark colors as we move from fall to winter rather than these colors that I wouldn’t call neutral, but I wouldn’t call vivid.

Leia (Boho Glam)


This literally looks like a Christmas tree with multicolor lights, and I am in love. If I hadn’t bought a (beautiful) set of false nails (that you will see a post on soon) I would be wearing this for Christmas because it really genuinely reminds me so, so much of a Christmas tree. I think it’s totally wearable as a non-holiday color, but that fact of it is what is making me love it so much. It is bright evergreen with holographic shimmer, which is what gives it that lit tree effect.


As you can see in the header, I also got little gold studs that came with it, which I think will be great to make an interesting12 look, especially paired with Lonelle – Lonelle as an accent nail with the gold studs on a more basic color is a great idea to me (which you might see soon 😉).

The Verdict

The thing with this subscription is that it should be worth it because you get the opportunity to choose your own nail polishes; none of them should really be misses unless the formula just sucks in real life. So far, all the formulas are good and pigmented and look even better in real life than I expected when I chose them online. So, for me, this is great and worth it. The subscription is $20 a month and you can sign up here if you are interested.

One Week on Etsy Acne Treatment Routine – Pink Tub Boutique

Hello all! I’ve been using an acne treatment from Etsy and it’s been a week, so I wanted to let you know about it and check in with how we are doing. The treatment is from Pink Tub Boutique on Etsy. Their Facebook is here, their Instagram is here, and their Twitter is here. I made this purchase for review myself! Together this treatment was $38. You can watch me unbox this and check in on YouTube here.

Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal Soap ($8 Alone)


This soap has an interesting smell. The best way to describe it is it smells like soap and acne treatment, which is what it is. If you are looking for a good smelling face soap, it’s not this, but it certainly doesn’t smell bad and if it works, I don’t really care how my facial soap smells. It does not lather, which weirded me out at first, however soap doesn’t actually need to lather to work so again, that doesn’t matter a lot.

Dead Sea Charcoal Face Mask (Not Available Independently)


This is a powder that you mix with a small amount of tea tree oil (which the package comes with) and water to create a mud-like consistency. Rubbing this on the face, it’s a little abrasive and scratchy, so be careful if you are sensitive. It stung just a bit, but my face tends to sting from a lot of face masks, and this one was not nearly as bad as others; it was barely noticeable. My face felt very fresh after washing this off and it comes off pretty easy for a mud mask.

Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Toner ($13 Alone)


I honestly love this. I love the fresh, clean feeling that toner gives after you wash your face, and this does that with none of the sting of more common chemical toners. I see it pulling out dirt and oil on the cotton pad I use, so it is definitely working.

Grapeseed Facial Serum ($13 Alone for One)


I was absolutely terrified of this to be honest because facial oils scare me. I’ve never used them, and I was afraid it would totally break me out. Spoiler for the verdict section: it didn’t. Grapeseed oil is actually supposed to specifically be really good for the face, and this is something I was able to put on throughout the day when I felt dry patches without leaving me feeling greasy.

The Verdict


I don’t have a before picture, sadly, but I can tell you what this did. The picture of my face doesn’t look great but if you notice, everything is flat; there are no active breakouts. All the redness is residual from breakouts I had before using this product.

It hasn’t been long enough for me to know if this is working, but I’ve had no reaction to this or breakouts from the week of using this, and no new breakouts while using it, so it’s promising. The other huge, huge thing for me is that most acne treatments take me from a normal to oily face to a totally dry face and it’s winter. This has actually left me feeling soft and hydrated with no flaking whatsoever which is totally unheard of for me personally.

I will be checking in on Instagram every week to see how this progresses, but so far it seems promising. I’ll be back on the blog in a month with a new post about how everything is going!

All I See is Magic Colourpop Cosmetics Holiday 2017 Palette

Colourpop has released their holiday collection and when I perused it I fell in instant love with the All I See is Magic pressed powder palette and instantly picked it up. Today we are going to go through swatches and report on the performance of the shadows! If you want to watch me do a look and first impressions of the palette you can see that here.

The Swatches


Left to right: Go Wish, Now and Zen, 11:11, Treat Yourself, Top Notch

The top row features a good blend of colors that I would actually see using together to create a look just with these. 11:11 is a beautiful pink metallic shadow with added silver glitter that I totally see using for a really bright bold eye that is glittery yet wearable.

The swatches above don’t represent the quality of the shadow, I just did a really bad job swatching and you will see with the other two swatch pictures that these shadows actually swatch beautifully.


Left to right: Tinsel Town, Twinkle Toes, Something Special, Wishful Thinking, Pitter Patter

I love how bold this row is. I feel like this row is a good resource for choosing a focal color and then using some of the other shadows outside this row to complete the look. Everything but Tinsel Town is a metallic and they are all beautifully creamy and smooth. Tinsel Town is a great outer corner or crease shade for deepening up a look in a colorful way. Wishful Thinking, if you can see, is actually bronze that flashes a green-leaning teal. I think these are all awesome pops of color for the holidays specifically.


Left to right: Save it for Later, Big Spoon, T-Cup, Imperial, Never Never

Like the first row, I totally see myself using this row on its own, and I could see buying just these five shadows for a small palette that could make multiple looks. Save it For later is a beautiful gold that pairs well with any of the neutral mattes here. These are really a good variety of mattes to help make the palette wearable and multi-use.

The Verdict

The colors here are totally beautiful and it’s no secret that I like the formula of Colourpop pressed shadows. I did a wear test on these and experienced no smudging or loss of color over the course of the day. The colors didn’t crease. There was a small amount of glitter transfer from my lid up into my crease. It was minimal but is something to be aware of, especially if your eyes are more hooded than mine. All in all, I really do suggest getting this before it is discontinued. There are a lot of lovely and unique metallics alongside useful neutral mattes that make it very valuable for the price of $20 (on sale for $14 as I write this!).