Ipsy Glam Bag Review – November 17

I get ipsy’s Glam Bag monthly subscription and honestly, it is one of the most exciting things each month for me.

If you prefer a video, you can watch me below.

This month’s theme was “All You”, and it’s all about being yourself and lifting up others so that they can be themselves. It’s a great theme!

The bag this month was actually two options. The other was a bronze and yellow, which I preferred because I’m all about that mustard color, but hey, this is cute too.

Oribe Hair Care Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($22)


Okay, I usually pay $8 or under for a full-size bottle of dry shampoo. Granted, that usually leaves a ton of icky residue in my hair and this stuff doesn’t but….holy cow at this price. I’m always impressed when ipsy hits my $10 investment on the first product. That said, I may have to update my preferences, as my head is currently shaved.

Colourpop Cosmetics Pressed Powder Shadow in Paper Tiger ($5)


It’s no secret that I’m in love with Colourpop and everything they do. This is my first single from them, but I recently got to experience their pressed shadow palettes, and this lives up to those: good color payoff and a buttery texture.


‘Tini Beauty Barfly Highlighter in Candlelit ($12)


Highlighter, yeeeeees. I’m obsessed with highlighter. I would bathe in it if I could. Honestly, I’m a crazy person. So I’m always so happy when ipsy gives me one. This one is a great silver pink that gives a fun frosty look that I think will be great for the holidays. It’s stick form, but isn’t greasy like other sticks I’ve had in the past.

I’m sorry my swatch is barely visible, highlighters can be so hard, but you can see a video of it on my Instagram.


 Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Lit ($18 for full-size)


This thing is literally the most gorgeous. I pulled it out of the bag and just stared at the packaging for a good five minutes. The top is a sparkly pink, and the product looks great in the bottle. It swatches a nice pink with gold reflection, and it goes on full-coverage, so it works like a lipstick, not a topper.


Tarte Amazonian Clas 12 Hour Blush in Feisty ($29)

Okay holy, frickin’, shit. Peep my phone case in this picture. I didn’t notice that until I started writing this post but my God I am keeping it. (Yes, that is Gudetama).

Anyway, Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Bronzer was the first bronzer I actually liked or got attached to, and in fact the first thing ipsy ever sent me that I become an avid fan of. So this blush, with a similar formulation, is totally awesome, and it’s a very wearable pink that verges on peachy but doesn’t make it there.


Bonus: Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara (Full-size $27.50)


This was honestly just….hilarious to me when I pulled it from the bag. It’s my own fault for not paying attention but when I selected it as one of my ipsy point-buys, I was anticipating getting a full-size mascara. So this was impressively tiny.

That said, it is awesomely black and is a great replacement for the dying tube of mascara I was using.

The Verdict

ipsy did a good job this time. I really liked most of the product and my only real complaint is that dry shampoo is kind of useless to me right now, but that’s my own fault for not updating my profile. Paper Tiger isn’t an amazing color, but I did choose “adventurous” for my eye shades, so that’s probably why I got it instead of the nice pink that was offered and honestly, I have enough pink eyeshadow for a lifetime. 4.5/5 stars this month, ipsy.


ThredUP Goody Box Review October 2017

If you don’t know, ThredUP is an online thrift store. They recently got into the style box market; these are boxes of curated clothing. They follow the basic scheme of paying a downpayment or styling fee ($20 in this case), and then paying for all and only the clothes you keep. The styling fee gets applied to the clothing cost.

I signed up for ThredUP’s boxes as soon as I found out they were going to be starting because I love, love, love the idea of style boxes. I am bad at decision making and these boxes are a fun surprise where someone decides for me. But a lot of the boxes, while a good value, are a steep price for a part-time working grad student. Thus, ThredUP was a godsend to me.

I got into their early “beta” of Goody Boxes through a simple email sign up and answering a few questions; I am in no way paid or incentivized by ThredUP.

Zara Basic Long Sleeve Blouse

I took this out of the box and immediately knew that I loved it. I was so excited; first product in and it was already perfect. Black is a color I love and lack in my wardrobe, and they thin vertical stripe pattern is awesome. My horror came when I put on the shirt and to my misfortune experienced the dreaded button-pulling in the breast area. I really waffled about the decision, but this went in the no pile for that.

Item Price: $18.99

Forever 21 Long Sleeve Blouse

I pulled this shirt out and laughed a little to myself that two black and white shirts made it in their for me after I just recently purchased another black and white striped sweater…from ThredUp. They weren’t wrong to do it; I loved the style immediately and loose silky fabric like the fabric of this sheer shirt is my favorite. I tried it on and fortunately did not experience any button-pulling, so it became the first of my keeper pile.

Item Price: $10.99

Zara Basic Long Sleeve Blouse

I took this shirt next. At first, I wasn’t sure about the color. Dull pinks are very on trend but they are also very hit and miss for me. I tried it on, and it fit mostly well, with some tightness in the shoulders. This shirt lived in limbo for a while, but eventually, I warmed up to the color and it became part of my keeper pile.

Item Price: $18.99

Unbranded Sweatshirt

I love sweatshirts so very much, and love 3/4 sleeves almost as much, so I knew that if the shirt fit, I was going to be keeping it. Well, it did! The material is almost similar to terrycloth, and though you can’t see it clearly in the picture, this is a nice shimmer of silver throughout the whole shirt.

Item Price: $18.99

Gap Sweatshirt

This sweater. I…almost liked it. It was almost a good piece. But something about it just rubs me the wrong way. The pattern, I think, just doesn’t seem right. I’m unsure why, but it looks wrong and imbalanced to me. This got put in the no pile without being tried on.

Item Price: $12.99

American Apparel 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

I really hate to say this, but I just straight up hated this shirt. I have no idea how I ended up with it, or how it ended up in a fall themed box with the color. The color is just not good, and the material was starched cotton. Maybe a different material could have saved the shirt, but as it stood it was an unworn no.

Item Price: $18.99

Forever 21 Long Sleeve Blouse

This shirt is a basic, silky, black blouse that fell great on my body with absolutely no button pull. It’s a very basic piece that fills a hole lacking in my wardrobe (blouses and blacks), so I was thrilled to put it in my keeper pile.

Item Price: $10.99

Cos Jeans

These poor jeans got the short end of my feelings by being the first thing that truly didn’t fit me. Sure, there was button pulling and uncomfortable spots previously, but these just did not button, and they made me mad. They were just another pair of black jeans so I wasn’t sad to see them go, but I was mad at them for being too small.

Item Price: $14.99

Flying Monkey Jeans

I felt the material of these jeans and instantly hoped against hope that they were going to fit me despite being the same size as the previous pair. After the first pair, I was thinking my sizing for pants in this box might be wrong (which likely, is my own fault for not knowing European sizing). I was right in my worries; they didn’t go up past my knees and were sadly a no.

Item Price: $12.99

Ivy Park Jacket

This jacket was the saddest decision I had to make. I love weird jackets, I love the see-through trend, especially with jackets and with shoes, and I thought the honeycomb pattern was awesome. However, it was slightly bulky on me, which might have been okay, and even looked on-trend, but then I saw the price, and I couldn’t justify buying something I wasn’t totally in love with secondhand for the price. Maybe I’m cheap, but it was a no for me.

Item Price: $26.99

Trafaluc by Zara Long Sleeve Blouse

I liked this shirt enough; didn’t love it at first glance, and the material is the kind that I could easily see myself failing to take care of and letting wrinkle into oblivion. Still, it was something that I would have kept except…the dreaded button-pulling. I put it on, and it immediately showed that boob hole, so into the no pile it went.

Item Price: $18.99

Madewell Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This shirt was so, so comfortable. I love the material of it; it’s the perfect soft tee. I was worried a bit that it might be too tight or clingy, but the material didn’t cling at all. Also, my least favorite thing with t-shirts is when the sleeves are too long. These were actually shorter than normal, and I totally loved the style. It was a quick keeper.

Item Price: $14.99

Forever 21 Blazer

I was so sad about this blazer. I love blazers, I don’t have a black blacer, and this one was cool as hell with a nice material and a good cut. Too bad it didn’t button on me. I had to let it go, but only after heavily considering keeping it and just not buttoning. Unfortunately, I was determined to only keep things that really, truly fit and I really loved on my body, and this just didn’t fulfil the requirements.

Item Price: $15.99

Joe’s Jean Jeggings

These pants were the great tragedy of this whole box. I took them out and they felt amazing and soft. And I always, always need more black pants. And they stretched, so I almost believed they might fit me. And they did….until I had to button them. Then it was a no go. I’m very sad that these had to enter the no pile as I really loved them.

Item Price: $22.99

J Brand Jeans

It was at this point that I truly gave up on the pants. The two pairs before this were 28s; these were 27s. I didn’t even try them on. They never stood a chance and went to my no pile almost immediately.

Item Price: $34.99

The Verdict

Of all the items, I liked 13/15 at first glance. When it came down to keeping and getting rid of, I kept 5/15, almost all of the losers being due to sizing issues that were my fault (the pants) or are generally unavoidable in some clothes (button-pulling). Given that ThredUp specifically does not advertise that they are a styling service meant to give you a full outfit but rather that they want to introduce you to pieces you like, I think my like/dislike ratio is amazing and my keep ratio is pretty good.

In total I spent on these clothing pieces was $68.95, including the $20 order cost that is applied to the final price of the clothing.

I am interested in trying the other boxes that ThredUp offers when they do a full launch.

Have you gotten into the beta? Let me know what you thought in the comments section!

ColourPop Mini-Haul October 2017

I recently made a large purchase from ColourPop so I’m going to share some brief first impressions of everything I purchased. Watch out for full reviews of these products coming up!

I Think I Love You and Yes, Please! Pressed Shadow Palettes

I needed to include pictures of all of the packaging because ColourPop’s packaging is always amazing. I Think I Love You has a metallic pink box and palette while Yes, Please! has this amazing bright yellow box and a grey and yellow palette with the cutest phrase “Cute AF” on it.

I swatched these the moment that I got my hands on them, and the formulation of the pressed powders was amazingly silky and buttery. The color payoff is also great. The shimmery shadows come off with a beautiful shines and the mattes are true mattes.



I actually got the chance to use the Yes, Please! palette already and the shadows are super blendable, which is really important for the bright colors of the palette.



Overall, I’m impressed. I only had used ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadows in the past and had loved that formulation, so I was wary about the shift to pressed powders, but they did a great job. I will be doing a full review and swatching for each of these palettes in the future. Let me know what you want first!

The palettes are available for $16 each.

Moments of Weekness

Let me tell you, I have been waiting forever to get this lipstick set; I’ve wanted it from the moment it came out and was finally able to purchase it. As always, the packaging is adorable.

I knew I would love this, but I was still happy when I wore Tuesday for the first time and it lived up to my expectations. All of the lipsticks are ColourPops Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks. Their formulation dries quickly and perfectly matte and it stays put. I have never had a transfer problem with these lipsticks, and they have passed the kiss-proof test.

I’m going to do a week of these lips in the future and let you know about it. Stay tuned! This set is available for $35.

Aventurine Crystal Setting Spray

Fun fact about me: I owned neither setting powder nor setting spray until I got this spray from ColourPop. Because of that, I needed to be able to rely heavily on this spray.


The spray has a nice, fresh smell. However, the spray mechanism for this bottle isn’t very good; it doesn’t come out as a thin enough mist, so it has to be held far from the face to avoid getting soaked. I will say, though, that other than the application problem, the spray works and kept my face on through a night of raving.

The mist is available for $6.

Brush Bundle with Roll


Another thing I was lacking: enough brushes. The only brush I have used before this are a flat eye shader, an eye blending brush, an angled face brush, a foundation brush, and a (not a brush) beauty blender.

These brushes are great and soft, and the large powder brush made a beautiful powder applicator as well as a great blender. I didn’t love the fan brush; it doesn’t deposit much powder and I am so obsessed with highlighter that it just doesn’t work for me.

Now, here I really reveal my newbie-ness but holy crap I was not prepared for how much actually having a variety of eye brushes would up my eyeshadow game. I did the best eyeshadow of my life with these brushes. They pick up and deposit product well without holding too much onto themselves, and all the shadow brushes were soft but firm enough to perform their functions.

The whole set is available for $86 (at time of writing, on sale for $55).

The Verdict

Colourpop remains one of my favorites. There were a couple small misses in this, but even the misses were still generally functional and even useful. For the price, ColourPop can never be beat.